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The Chili Peppers' beginnings can be traced to Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, where Michael "Flea" Balzary and Anthony Kiedis met at age 15. They met in a fight and later in decided that it would be better if they were friends. Flea was born in Melbourne, Australia, and lived in New York before moving to L.A. as a teen, while Kiedis left his mother's home in Michigan at age 11 to come live with his father "blackie", who was a struggling actor. The son of jazz musician, Flea was an accomplished trumpet player who idolized Herb Alpert and Louis Armstrong. As for Kiedis' artistic aspirations, he was having sporadic luck auditioning for small roles in films and television. At around the same time Kiedis and Flea were getting to know one another, fellow student Hillel Slovak was busy teaching himself guitar. Slovak's enthusiasm for KISS and Jimi Hendrix rubbed off on Flea, who, with some reluctance, took up the bass. By the time the three friends graduated in 1980, Slovak and Flea, along with drummer Jack Irons, had formed a band called Another School and were slogging it out on the L.A. club circuit. Meanwhile, Kiedis had begun taking classes at UCLA, although he occasionally found time between studies to act as Another School's M.C. After leaving for a brief tenure with the hardcore band Fear, Flea reunited with Slovak and Irons in 1983. Appropriating a moniker used by Louis Armstrong's jazz quintet in the 1920s, the trio christened themselves the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and once again began making the rounds on the L.A. club circuit. During a particularly raucous performance, Kiedis joined the band on-stage, and immediately the chemistry between him and the group was apparent. Within six months, the Chili Peppers, now a foursome, had landed a contract with EMI. Released in 1984, the Chili Peppers' eponymous debut (which was produced by Gang of Four guitarist Andy Gill) failed to generate much interest on the part of record buyers. The band's live performances, however, were another matter. Slovak and Irons, who had opted out of the band just before it entered the studio (they were replaced by Cliff Martinez and Jack Sherman), rejoined the group, and the new old lineup further tightened its blend of funk, punk, thrash, and rock. Often the group performed wearing nothing but strategically dangled tube socks, and in at least one instance, the band's relaxed policy regarding nudity garnered Kiedis a $1,000 fine for indecent exposure. For its second album, the Chili Peppers enlisted P-Funk legend George Clinton to help accentuate the funkier side of the band. Titled Freaky Styley, the 1985 release further solidified the group's hybrid sound, but sales remained abysmal...

That is in the past, and now they are reunited once again, and rocking the sh*t out of everything! The fans are going through RHCP withdrawal, but soon enough...yes soon enough, the new album titled, "By The Way", will relieve us from this RHCP withdrawal!
Anthony Kiedis Anthony Kiedis
Date Of Birth: November 1st, 1962
Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Father: Blackie Dammett (John Michael Kiedis)
Mother: Peggy
Half-Sisters: Julie and Jen
Half-Brother: James

Some musical influences

Iggy Pop
Stevie Wonder
Sly and the Family Stone

Some movies:

F.I.S.T. - 1978
Tough Guys - 1986
Less Than Zero - 1987
Point Break - 1991
The Chase - 1994

Some appearances elsewhere:

Doctor John:
Television - 1994
Blowback - 2001
Flea Flea (Micheal Peter Balzary)
Name: Michael Peter Balzary 
Date of Birth: October 16th, 1962
Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Austrália
Sister: Karen 
Daughter: Clara Balzary 

m u s i c a l  i n f l u e n c e s:

Miles Davis 
The Meters 
James Brown 
Ornette Coleman

m o v i e s:

The Wild Side - 1983 ...aka Suburbia
Thrashin' - 1986
Tought Guys - 1986
Dudes - 1987
Less Than Zero - 1987
Stranded - 1987
The Blue Iguana - 1988 
Let's Get Lost - 1988 
Back To The Future Part II - 1989
Back To The Future Part III - 1990
My Own Private Idaho - 1991
Motorama - 1992
Roadside Prophets - 1992
Son in Law - 1993
The Chase - 1994
Just Your Luck - 1996
Liar's Poker - 1997
Gen 13 - 1998
The Big Lebowski - 1998 
Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas - 1998
The Wild Thornberrys - 1998 / TV Series (voice)
Psycho - 1998
Mascara - 1999
Liar's Poker - 1999

a p p e a r a n c e s  e l s e w h e r e:

Big Audio Dymanite:
       This is Big Audio Dynamite - 1985
       No. 10 Upping St. - 1986
       Megatop Phoenix - 1989

Jane's Addiction:
       Nothing Shocking - 1988
       Kettle Whistle - 1997

Alanis Morissette:
       Jagged Little Pill - 1995

Porno For Pyros:
       Good Gods Urge - 1996
       Private Parts (Soundtrack) - 1997

       The Basketball Diaries - 1995
       Small Soldiers - 1998
       South Park - 1998

       A Small Circle of Friends - 1996
       In Defense Of Animals Vol. 2 - 1996

Mick Jagger:
       Wandering Spirit - 1993

       Condor - 1990

       Notes From Thee Underground - 1994

Jon Hassell:
       Dressing For Pleasure - 1994

Johnny Cash:
       Unchained - 1998

Young M.C.:
       Stone Cold Rhymin' - 1998

Mike Watt:
       Ball-Hog Or Tugboat? - 1995

       Spirit - 1998

       Anytime At All - 1999

Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers):  
"Instructional Bass Video"  
Release Date: 1994-01-07 
Catalogue Number: HL00324030 

Chad Smith Chad Smith
Born: November 25, 1962 in St.Paul, MN
Brother: Brad (also his musical influence)
Children? Yes Chad has 3 children now.
Joined the band in 1989.
John Frusciante John Frusciante
Born: March 5, 1970

Some of John's influences are:
Joy Division
New Order
Depeche Mode
Julian Schnabel
Sly and The Family Stone

He loves so many different varietys of music and art it's hard to mention all the artists he loves. These are just a few of the many he loves.